Restaurant with garden

Near Krakow

Restaurant with garden

near Krakow

Where Krakow’s golden towers shimmer in the distance,
Amidst the greenery, where the echo of the mountains resounds,
There, “Grzybek” tempts with flavors, like a fairy tale,
Where taste and aroma sing in harmony.

Under a modest roof, yet with a grand heart,
Guests gather as if in a family home,
Every bite, a story from the past,
Tastes here exceptionally, almost dreamily.

In the garden, where the sun shines above heads,
And the wind sways leaves in a gentle dance,
Echoes of history woven into everyday moments,
In “Grzybek,” one can feel the spirit of bygone times.

Nearby, the Raba river hums its eternal song,
And angels look down from above, like an old guardian,
In “Grzybek,” time has stopped in a moment’s smile,
Where every meal is a culinary journey through time – extraordinary and rare.

So, when you head towards the Polish mountains,
Stop by “Grzybek,” where history blends with the present,
Where every bite, every drink is part of a legend in the making,
Under Krakow, where heart and taste create a shared story.


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